If you have any questions, contact the academic advisors at the VU Students’ representation, the Student Services and Career Department (SPKS) or in each academic unit (faculty). Individual consultations re provided completely free of charge.

You can contact them if:

  • Interested in the possibility of an individual study plan;
  • Wants to properly choose optional or general university study subjects;
  • You don’t know if you can choose side studies;
  • You are interested in the possibility of changing the study program;
  • You would ike to know about the possibilities of scholarships at Vilnius university;
  • Interested in the possibility of applying for a state-supported loan;
  • Want to know more about the payment of tuition fees and applicable benefits (e.g. payment in installments or payments or payment defferral);
  • It is interesting how the University ranks students
  • You are interested in the possibility of transferring to a state-funded place or applying for reimbursement of tuition fees;
  • Unclear system of study subject evaluation, exams, retakes and debts;
  • Are you interested in the possibility of suspending your studies or taking an academic leave, or are you considering terminating your study contract;
  • You need help choosing the desired study program (wanting to change studies or choosing a masters degree studies);
  • Unclear admission process.