Apply if

  • You need help choosing a study program (if you want to reapply or whilst choosing Master’s studies);
  • If the process of acceptance is not clear.

Apply if

  • You would like to get more information on stipends
  • You are interested in applying for government provided loan;
  • You want to know more about the study payment, applied exemptions (ex.. Payment in parts, or the delay of study payment);
  • You are interested in how students’ ratings are done in university
  • You are interested in transferring to government financed spot or you would like to apply for the compensation of study fee. 

Apply if:

  • The system of grading, exams, retakes and debts is not clear ;
  • You are interested in stopping the studies or getting an academic break, or you are considering canceling study’s contract.

Apply if you want to adapt studies to your personalized needs:

  • You are interested in having the opportunity to have an individual study plan;
  • You want to properly choose optional or general university studies’ subjects;
  • You do not know if you can choose minor studies;
  • You are interested in the opportunity to change your study program

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Face to face | Saulėtekio al. 9, III palaceroom 104., Vilnius 

Does it cost?

It is free​.

When to apply?

Whenever you have questions!