What to do: learn successfully from the very beginning: have a list of thongs to do, evaluate how many hours you will need for each work. Put aside some time for unexpected works!

What to do: till the next lecture find out about all unanswered questions. That is how you will avoid loopholes. The most reliable sources are the lecturer and the list of mandatory literature, which you will find in the course description.

What to dodo not be afraid to ask for additional tasks and projects. Do a volunteer practice individually or in a team.Research minor studies. Learn languages. Use opportunities that university provides!

What to do: there will be less stress if you start learning from the very beginning (look at 1st challenge), you will develop your resistance to stress. Recommendations how to do it you will find here.

What to do: if that happens, collect all the information you can about all possible ways to solve the problem. Quitting the studies is not the only solution. Talk with academic and career consultants .

What to doother activities in Vilnius university you will find here. Whilst choosing, think about your future goals, strengths and weaknesses. All experience you gained later will become an advantage in your work field!