Girls’ Choir “Virgo”

Vilnius University Girls’ Choir “Virgo” unites students and graduates of various specialties. The repertoire includes both classical and contemporary choral music. The “Virgo” Choir became the second best in the international higher education choir competition Juventus 2019 (2nd place) and won the special prize of the Lithuanian Folk Culture Center for the best performed national work.

Choir “Pro Musica”

The choir “Pro musica” is constantly preparing new programs and delving into various music styles. Throughout its history the ensemble has presented music programs by Renaissance, Baroque, Spanish, American, and Nordic composers.

Mixed Choir “Gaudeamus”

It is one of the oldest and most famous Lithuanian student groups, actively participating in Lithuanian international festivals and competitions, solemn events of the University, giving concerts in many countries around the world. The youthful and solid Gaudeamus academic mixed choir of Vilnius University won the first place in the international higher education choir competition Juventus 2019.

More information about the VU choirs can be found on the website of VU Culture Center.

Folk Music Ensemble “Jaunimėlis“

In the ensemble’s repertoire there is music from different regions and times, all kinds of programmes and a published album. The members not only play, but also sing, dance and include others into whirlpool of their performance.

Folklore Ensemble “Ratilio“

Although it is one of the oldest ensembles in Lithuania, it is always a youthful, traditional culture cherishing student folklore ensemble where everyone can find a place themselves to sing the folklore songs out of their heart, spin around through the folklore dances and play the traditional instruments. Here everyone feels great regardless of whether they are newcomers who seek to discover traditional culture or experienced performers.

Song and Dance Ensemble at Vilnius University

Song and Dance Ensemble at Vilnius University is a Lithuanian national art cherishing community. In their performances, they express a contemporary point of view to the older nation’s traditions. In this 78 year old ensemble there are a lot of musicians, singers and dancers.  The ensemble is also taking part in the international competitions and festivals. It has traveled to over more than 30 countries.

For more information about the VU ensembles you can find in the VU Culture Center’s website.

The Museum’s team consistently accumulates cultural, artistic, historical and scientific treasures that possess certain museum value and are related to the development of the University or reflect its activities and daily life. The Museum also arranges permanent, temporary and virtual exhibitions, events reflecting the social, scientific and cultural life of Lithuania and the University

For more information about the VU Museum and its collections you can find at the Vilnius University’s website.

Wind Orchestra “Oktava“

“Oktava“ is a blend of a pithy free time and sonorous music including some spicy jazz, rock, and funk colors, not forgetting also the sacral and march music.  The Orchestra’s activity in enriched by the travels around Lithuania and the world and by concerts in our best concert and performing venues.

Chamber Orchestra

In the VU Chamber Orchestra’s repertoire there is everything from small chamber compositions to huge Baroque concerts and classical pieces. From years and years, new and talented students always join the Orchestra. To them, classical music is like the biggest refreshment and their youthful performances get more and more attention.

For more information about the VU orchestras you can find in the VU Culture Center’s website:

Organ Studio “Unda Maris”

The studio unites members of the VU community (students, teachers, employees and alumni) who love the most sophisticated musical instrument which is the king of musical instruments, and who want to try their hands and feet on the largest Lithuanian organ.

More information about the VU Organ Studio can be found on the website of VU Culture Center.

Vilnius University Drama Theatre

The basis of creative searching of the VU Drama Theatre lies in the interpretation of drama and other genres of literature in order to continue cherishing the long-lived traditions.  The Theatre has participated in many international university theatre festivals and has been awarded with many prizes and diplomas. This Theatre is a member of the Lithuanian and International University Theatres association and also a member of the Lithuania’s Amateur Union. You can find the Theatre’s activity’s principles in the book “Kūryba ir edukacija“ (“Creation and Education“) by Rimantas Venckus, the director in the University Theatre.

The Kinetic Theatre of Vilnius University

If we can talk about the alternative art in the contemporary dance scene, the Kinetic Theatre of VU is one of them. It is not only a dance or visual art which tries to fit in the wide limits of the art scene. This Theatre has earned a name of never changing status of the alternative.

For more information about the VU theatres you can find in the VU Culture Center’s website.