Apply if

  • You are interested in opportunities of  internship in Lithuania;
  • You would like to know how mandatory profession internship and volunteer internship differ and when you can have them;
  • You would like to gain more professional experience, but you do not know how to start.

Apply if 

  • You are thinking about internship abroad and you would like to know about the opportunities that Vilnius University provides
  • You want to get to know more about the search of an internship abroad;
  • You think that internship abroad is a long and complicated process.

Apply if :

  • You would like to get an internship in a multicultural team where you will be introduced to specialists of communication, IT, linguistics, economics and other fields;
  • You would like to get to know more about the creative thinking methods„Design Thinking and learn how to apply it whilst solving problems;
  • You would like to see for yourself what kind of problems does a modern business face.

Phone | (8–5) 236 6011

Face to face | Saulėtekio al. 9, III palaceroom 104, Vilnius 

Does it cost?

It is free​.

When to apply?

Whenever you have questions!