How to be sustainable? (Tips and tricks) 

Welcoming you to university it is important to mention that Vilnius University is the only one in Lithuania to be included in the global QS sustainability ranking. On this notion, we would like to help you become the true Vilnius University green member by applying green principles step by step.  

  1. Arrival and transportation 

Sustainable arrival and transportation are important aspects when it comes to promoting a greener and more environmentally friendly University. By implementing sustainable practices, the university can reduce its carbon footprint, alleviate traffic congestion, and contribute to a cleaner and healthier campus environment.  

As students at Vilnius University, you can use public transport with a student discount. The campuses are well-connected with public transportation routes and provide real-time information about bus and train schedules. Vilnius also has train and bus stations which connect our capital with the rest of the country. By using public transport not only you protect the planet but also save tons of money. 

  1. Dormitory/apartment

It’s important to note that we sort and encourage recycling in university halls of residence, so do it responsibly! 

You don’t need to buy new furniture, it can be provided by the dormitory. In this case, you just need to contact your dormitory administrator. If you do need to buy furniture, there is no need to spend lots of money on it, buy the furniture from other students. 

In Lithuania, you can get some money back for plastic and glass bottles and cans. All you have to do is not throw the bottle away and take it to a recycling center. More information:  

  1. Clothes

Lithuania’s erratic temperatures require clothes for all seasons. To be more sustainable, we need to avoid wasting clothes and using fast fashion. We can do this by shopping in second-hand clothing stores or on the Vinted app. Vinted is a network founded by Lithuanians, where people upload their own photos of clothes that are no longer being worn and sells the, on the said app.  

By shopping in this type of stores or apps instead of going to the mall, we can become a greener member of our community.  

  1. University premises

Another green principle relates to the university premises. All members of the Vilnius University community are responsible for making the University more sustainable. Let’s make sure we remember to turn off the water tap when we use it, and turn off the lights when we leave a room. To save electricity, let’s take the stairs instead of the elevator or in order to reduce paper and plastic waste, bring your own cup when using the coffee machines. You can also bring a reusable cup with you and get a discount when buying coffee in the university cafés.  

  1. Sustainability Ambassadors

We have a network of Sustainability Ambassadors at the University that any student can join! 

These ambassadors not only ensure that sustainable changes are implemented, but also initiate them themselves. If you want to be part of this community, contact