All students have to register at the International Relations Office (IRO) upon arrival. The registration can be done during the Orientation week or later at the International Relations Office. Please note that it will be necessary to register for a meeting at the office. If due to the pandemic the office will be working remotely, all the registration procedures will be carried out online.


Having a buddy is a good opportunity to meet new people and it works to everybody’s advantage when the effort to keep in contact is mutual!

If you did not meet your mentor upon arrival, please con tact the ESN at . Check the website for more information on Vilnius University ESN here.


All students should have health insurance valid in Lithuania that would cover medical expenses in case of accident or illness.

Students from EU countries are not required to have any special health insurance. European Insurance Card is valid in Lithuania.

Students from non EU countries may obtain their health insurance either in their country of residence or in Lithuania. It costs approximately 15 EUR per month or more if you buy it in Lithuania at an insurance company.

More information is available here.


All exchange students are supposed to have a Lithuanian Student Card (LSP). The Students’ Representation is responsible for issuing LSP for all VU students, including international. Therefore, your first contact person in trying to get LSP is your ESNBuddy.

LSP is very useful during your stay in Lithuania. It serves as an ID card and library card, it also gives you various discounts at theatres, cinemas, etc. The card also gives a discount when you travel by bus or train within Lithuania.

Please note that your home university student card is not valid for the discounts in Lithuania!


The timetable of each semester is available:

  • in January – for Spring semester
  • at the end of August – for Autumn semester.

There may be slight changes in the timetable at the beginning of each semester therefore students are advised to check it during the first and/or second week after the beginning of studies on the website here.


During the first two weeks of each semester students can make the changes to their Study Plans using the Vilnius University Information System. Once the changes are confirmed by the

coordinators of the faculties, students are officially enrolled to their chosen courses. The changes should be done in the Vilnius University System by:

  • 16 September – in Autumn semester
  • 14 February – in Spring semester.

Please note that:

It’s not possible to add any new courses after the deadline above. Removing the courses from your study plan is possible during the semester, please inform the exchange student coordinator via the email if you wish to do so.


After the changes to the study plan are done in the University Study System, it is necessary to list them in the Learning Agreement by completing the second part of the document – during the mobility. Please make sure to send the document to the exchange student coordinator once you complete and sign it.


Free-movers have to cover tuition costs. Free-moving students are expected to finalize their study programme, complete the Agreement between Vilnius University and a non-degree student at IRO and pay the tuition fee before:

  • the 15th October in Autumn semester
  • the 15th March in Spring semester.


The results of all passed exams will be recorded by lecturers in the University Information System (VU IS) within 5 days after the official date of the exam. Student’s Transcript of Records (ToR) will be issued automatically from the University database as soon as all the examination data of the student exams is recorded. Usually, ToRs are issued within two weeks after the end of a semester:

  • by the 15th February in Autumn semester
  • by the 15th July in Spring semester.

Once the document is ready, it will be sent to your and your coordinator email address. If it is necessary, the hard copy of the document can also be sent to your address.

Confirmations of study period can be issued at the end of your studies. The documents are all signed digitally, please send the required document to us via the email.

It is very important for the university to know what students say about the quality of teaching and overall studies at Vilnius University, as well as administrative and support services. At the end of each semester, you will be asked to complete a Student‘s questionnaire.